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How are your Classes Structured?

At Flinders Muay Thai we run each class for 2 hours and during that time we:

  • Warm-up (including skipping and a range of upper body, lower body and core exercises)

  • Stretch

  • Physical conditioning and strengthening exercises

  • Work on technique

  • Pad drills with a partner

  • Contact sparring and grappling (only incorporated for members training for competition or with significant experience).

How do I pay for classes & is there a membership?

One of our trainers will collect payments after each class before you leave. 



  • Adults: $8

  • High School Students and Flinders Uni Students: $5

  • Kids: $5

As for a membership, after a few session, if you enjoy training with us, we ask you to fill in a membership form (which is valid until the end of the year) as well as a membership fee of:

  • Adults and non-Flinders students: $25

  • Flinders students and kids: $15


The membership form is attached below.


Do I need any previous experience?

No previous experience is needed for our classes as one of our trainer's can teach you the basics (how to move, punch, kick, etc.) during your first few lessons.


We also provide one free trial session for new members.

What do I wear and what equipment do I need to bring?

To our classes please wear comfortable gym clothing (e.g. shorts, t-shirt, leggings) and running shoes. 

Please bring the following to each class:

  • A skipping rope (if you have one)

  • Gloves

  • Water

  • Hand wraps (can be bought from our club, not essential for kids)

  • Shin guards (can be bought from our club, although not necessary for kids or beginners).

And in light of the new COVID-19 restrictions, it is essential that ​everyone brings a towel to each training session.  

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