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August 18, 2020

In light of the new COVID restrictions posted by the Australian Government on August 17th, it is required that from August 21st at least one COVID Marshal is present at all times during our training sessions and can be easily identified. 
During these difficult times, we ask that you follow all the rules that FUMTC has regarding COVID. As per usual, sanitiser and antibacterial wipes will be put out before each session. Antibacterial wipes will be used during sessions to wipe down Thai pads/focus mitts after every use.


10 August 2020

Pride 3.2 was once again cancelled due to updated COVID restrictions. We hope to get the fights back as soon as possible until then let's train hard!

Pride organiser, Carly, has said "To our Muaythai community,
We are sorry to announce that we will be postponing Pride 3 again to a later time. Between travel restrictions and capacity limits constantly changing it has made it difficult to find a solution to every issue that arises. 
We gave it a real crack to get an event running in uncertain times but keep coming up short. Rest assured we remain committed to running this show and getting the fights back on track when the time is right."


June 25, 2020

Today the Muay Thai World in SA is alive again. We can clinch, do partner pad work, partner technique, spar and everything we love about Muay Thai Training.
Let us all be aware that the 'virus' is still lurking out there so be vigilant. Use hand sanitizers and antiseptic wipes provided. Bring your towel to training. Bring your own water. No sharing of personal equipment like boxing gloves, shin pads, hand wraps. You need to buy your own.
We work together and we will not need to go backwards like our neighbour in Victoria.



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