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"Hi, I am Megan, I am currently the club president. I am originally from Darwin and came to Adelaide to study Nursing and Health Science, majoring in Health Promotion. I joined FUMTC in 2017 in the women's class then transitioned to the generals and then fighters."

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Vice President

"Hi, I'm Gregory Shannon. I'm the vice president of FUMTC. I joined the club when I started University in 2017 and I'm currently studying to be a teacher."




"Hi! I'm Eliana, the club's secretary. I am a PhD student at Flinders University, with my research specialising in Social Psychology. I started training at FUMTC in 2019 after moving from interstate. My favourite part of FUMTC isn't only limited to the physical and mental training we experience, but that we are a welcoming and inclusive community."

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"Hi, I'm Tania and I am FUMTC’s Treasurer. I joined the club with my son in 2003, then began training in 2004. I became a judge and referee but have also been a sitting member of the Boxing and Martial Art Committee of SA. As my work takes me around Australia I no longer train but assist with the children’s classes when in Adelaide."



General Committee Member

"Hi, my name is Sophie Gilbey, I am an undergrad student studying a combined science degree of Environmental Science and Biodiversity & Conservation. I started at Flinders Muay Thai at the beginning of 2019 and I really enjoy it! it’s a great way to get fit and Alan is a fantastic trainer, I highly recommend it"

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General Committee Member

"Hello! I'm Angel, the club's committee member, currently studying Nutrition and Dietetics. I joined FUMTC in 2017, when I was in year 1 of uni. Training with the club and Alan has taught me valuable lessons on discipline and resilience. I am extremely grateful for the wonderful community we have, it is a joy to have met everyone there! "





Head Trainer

"Hi, I founded this Club in 1980 when I was an undergraduate studying Mathematics at Flinders. The club consisted of a few like-minded friends who are all martial artist and over the years grew to what it is now."

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General Class Trainer

"Hi, I'm Shane. I'm the head pad holder and have been training at flinders for 8 years this year, have been to Thailand to train twice and had 7 fights"

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General Class Trainer

"My name is Ray and I'm one of the trainers at FUMTC. I have a passion for Muay Thai and helping people achieve their goals. I have been apart of the club and training under the guidance of Alan Wong for over 12 years."

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General Class Trainer

"My name is Joey and I have been involved with FUMTC for 8 years. I am one of the general trainers and pad holder/cornermen for the fighters as well as being a fighter myself. The personal growth I have learnt in the club has helped me physically and mentally in all areas of my life."

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General Class Trainer

"I am Matthew Rennie and I am a trainer at FUMTC I have been with the club for 9 years and in that time have trained in Thailand and fought also."

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General Class Trainer

"Hi I’m Stephen Brown, I have been training with Alan at FUMTC for 4 years and fighting for 3 years, having 13 fights now. I've been and trained in Thailand twice with the help of Alan and FUMTC. I’ve also helped train and prep fighters through my fighting too."

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General Class Trainer

"Hi, I am Megan, as well as being the club president, I am also the generals class trainer. Training under Alan Wong and amongst the FUMTC team has built my confidence and taught me a lot about discipline, community, respect and resilience. I feel blessed to be a part of such an amazing family."



Women's Class Trainer

"My name is Laura Bowman and I teach the Women’s class at Flinders Muay Thai Club, I have been with the club for 13 years and been training the women’s class for 7. I have competed at several Muay Thai events and fought and trained in Thailand. I have also represented Australia at the IFMA Muay Thai World Championships."



General and Junior Class Trainer

"Hi, I am Alex. My father is the head trainer and because of his involvement, I started training at a very young age. I had 2 stints training in Thailand and fought in local promotion. I am currently completing a medical degree which means you don't see much of me but I will always be there helping train the kids and fighters if time permits."



Junior Class Trainer

"My name is Benjamin Wong, the oldest son of the head trainer Alan Wong, and I am the Kids trainer at FUMTC. I have been practising Muay Thai at FUMTC since I was four years old and trained in Thailand for a few weeks. I am a Primary School teacher and have experience teaching children over a range of subjects, which serves me well as a trainer."



Junior Class Trainer

"Hi, I'm Jason. I am proud to be involved with FUMTC since 2014 as one of the Junior Class trainers."

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